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Robin Miller-Bookhout

Robin Miller-Bookhout

North Little Rock, AR



The intrigue with the world of the arts began for Robin Miller-Bookhout at the early age of eight. Growing up in the small town of Malvern, Arkansas with a mother and father who wanted their children to enjoy the �aesthetics�, promptly looked for �private� instruction in the performing arts for Robin and her sister. It became apparent after only a few short weeks of piano lessons and dance classes that this was not the avenue for Robin to find her hidden talents or future dreams. (A story all to itself for another time.)

Local visual artists became a part of Robin�s early artistic endeavors. With awe and reverence and held in highest esteem, these people, Mrs. Wilson Prickett, Mrs. Elizabeth Massey, and Mrs. Claudia Mann Mason iinfluenced Robin and this is evident in her life and work today.

College, art courses, and art classes followed. After moving to Little Rock with a degree in Art Education, Robin had many opportunities to study with various artists, such as the renowned Catherine Tharp Altwater, American Watercolor Society, founding member and treasurer, and numerous others. Robin was not particularly interested in the �starving artist� lifestyle, so the inevitable path for her to follow would be to become an art teacher and encourage youth, just as she was encouraged. Her thirty-one years as a public art education teacher teaching middle school students is definitely a book to read and be remembered. Throughout those years there was so much joy, trials and tribulations which encompassed thousands of students/parents, and professional colleagues. These experiences encouraged Robin to continually grow as a professional art educator, professional artist, and patron of the arts.


Being partial to watercolors {her first love} because of it�s spontaneousness and free spirit, Robin also enjoys oil pastels, and virtually all art media. She particularly enjoys Sumi-e, the art of Japanese drawing, and Gyotaku because of it�s historical significance and the medium, India ink. The passion for this artform has so many similarities to the fluidity of watercolor. Robin also enjoys plein air experiences, traveling and taking photographs of places she, family, and friends visit. Many of these photographs are later used in her studies.

Robin�s style might be considered eclectic because she is influenced by so many artists, styles, techniques, and art forms, but she has a strong sense of the art fundamentals which is evident in her work. Teaching art foundations for so many years to all types of student learners, has attributed to a large degree, her feelings for the need for good composition in her pieces. Her technique is related to the type of medium she is using, but she is always open and flexible to experimenting and solving artistic problems.

Drawing and creating art work is her passion. The many influences in her life illustrates her deep reverence to all who explore their �right� brain and appreciate the arts. Her sincere hope, as she always expressed to her students, is that they enjoy and understand the visual arts since it is so interwoven in their everyday lives. Aren�t we all really...Works of ART?

Robin believes it is as important to understand why one doesn�t enjoy a particular work of art, as well as, why one does. Robin believes art critiques and the understanding of the art principles and elements enables everyone to distinguish and have knowledgeable and creative conversation about the arts. She knows not everyone will become professional artists, art teachers, or work in art related fields, but that all have the abilities and access to be patrons of the arts.


Study of Flowers by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Pansies by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Tuscany 09 by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Cypress in Summer by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Ice On Old Main by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Landscape Value Study by Robin Miller-Bookhout


The Terry Mansion by Robin Miller-Bookhout


The Canals of Venice by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Venice in the Early Evening by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Venice in Summer by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Land Between The Lakes Tennessee by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Airplane Plant by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Oceanside by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Old Main University of Arkansas Fayetteville by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Fourche Creek Study of Cyprus Trees 3 by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Bayou at Carr Drive by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Seaside by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Bamboo by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Shadow Landscape by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Ocean Waves by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Landscape Study 1 by Robin Miller-Bookhout


The Calm After the Storm by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Fourche Creek Study of Cyprus Trees by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Water in Springtime by Robin Miller-Bookhout


The Start of Spring at Calico by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Computer Art by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Greek Isle by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Nonrepresentational Color Study by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Fall at the Buffalo River National State Park by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Buffalo River National Park Study 3 by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Calm Before The Storm #1 by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Fourche Creek Study by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Beachside by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Apples by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Buffalo River National Park Study 2 by Robin Miller-Bookhout


Buffalo River National Park Study 2 by Robin Miller-Bookhout